Exotic Bridal Makeup Trends Hi, I'm Erin Hendley, professional makeup artist, and today I'm going to show you an exotic bridal makeup trend. We need our eye shadows for this, so exotic basically enhances the eyes and a good way to make it a little more exotic looking rather than a traditional bridal look is to add a little bit gold to a smokey eye. So, we're going to go in with our pallet choose a neutral base, just to do a do an all over color, so everything can get blended in perfectly, just needs to be swooped over the entire lid, nothing detailed and after that we are going to pack on our gold color. This is going to be focused in the center of the eye where the light hits and it's going to reflect, this is really what makes it look exotic, just pat in on and pack it on, that's what going to make it stay the best. The gold doesn't really need to be blended, it just Valentino needs to be compact, so it's visible. Add again just right on the orbit and now that we have that there we are going to go in with our black, we are using black just because we are doing an exotic look and the exotic looks tend to be a little more intense and dramatic then a traditional bridal look would. Just do it on the outer corners, we want it to look dramatic, but we don't want it to be on a theatrical basis, so we're just enhancing and really smoking it out. And always blend it, we don't want harsh Valentino Shoes lines. It's up to you how dramatic you want it, you can always go in with another layer, just on the outer corners, which is really going to give it that exotic feel. You don't want to go in too close to the inside of the eye, we're just bringing it out. And of course blending both sides, with a clean brush. Now, that you have your eyes it's good to have a pretty neutral lip, so what ever color your lips are, it's great to go over it with just a little bit of a neutral gloss, just a light layer will work, it will reflect the light along with the eyes and really give you just an overall beautiful glow. It's great for people that want a little more drama than the traditional bride. I'm Erin Valentino Shoes Online Hendley, and I showed you an exotic bridal makeup trend.